Assuming good faith is a key part of making a community run as smoothly and as openly as possible. On Flats Wiki we allow anyone to edit, no matter of their ability or knowledge. We want to keep the wiki as friendly as possible, and we welcome newcomers with open arms.

Disagreements Edit

Disagreements tend to happen on every wiki at some stage, and they can be perfectly reasonable and beneficial if conducted in the right way. Firstly, users should always explain their side of the argument, preferably on a user or page's talk page. This allows all parties to understand the points of others. Secondly, if you disagree with an edit made, please do not change it. This can escalate to an edit war if users do not communicate properly. Instead, provide your reasoning and listen to the other user's reasoning before attempting to come to an agreement. If no outcome if agreed on, contact an admin to determine what is best for the situation. In the event that you are disagreeing with a new editor, please explain to them the correct way to edit on the Flats Wiki and point them in the right direction (to help pages or an admin) if they require further advice.

Edits Edit

If you spot an incorrect edit made by another user, contact them letting them know you are going to revert their edit (note: this rule is only for large scale or controversial edits. For small edits, just revert them). This provides more clarity about the situation. For all editing mistakes, correct the user in a friendly and constructive way, rather than scolding or criticising them. For new editors, please correct them in this way as well as directing them to resources that may help them learn.

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